Excellent Choice Gold Rush


Name: C.J.


DOB: 30.01.2008


Color: Red-Merl


Size: 55cm


Weight: 22kg



ED: 0/1


MDR1: +/+


BH, Agility A3, Frisbee, Trickdog, Movidog

C.J. is our second Aussie male, very talented in Agility. He has already had several role in cinema and TV spots. And even he has done photo's for publicity.

For this, he has learned so many tricks. Turn left-right, roll, rope, hide his face, look below the table, and so many other things. He is so smart, he can learn everything, in a very short time.

Till now he had one litter with him. (H-Litter)

Film's and publicity done so far.


Event for Happy Dogs (Publicity)

Trouble no more (Film - Andy Bausch)

Lotterie National (Rubbelbilget - Pubilicity)

Les Fameux Gars (Film - Adolf El Assal)

CSV (Pubicity)

Fressnapf (Publicity - several times)

Verhéier (Shortfilm - Michel Tereba)

Errances (Shortfilm - )