This weekend, our Kala was mated to Rinti.

It is a litter that we had already in 2021

Puppies 2021

If everything goes well, we will have puppies in January 2023

For information ayleen1711@yahoo.de or 621256586

See below Rinti is the father of the litter and Twist is a puppy out of the 2021 litter at 20 month

Rinti and daughter Twist
Rinti and daughter Twist


New page added for Twist and Lia


Our new addition Syrah received her page, and a lot of other pages are updated or created.

Puppies, offspring, Kala, Taz, X,....


On February the 12th, 7 beautiful girls are born out of King and Kala


Pregnancy confirmed.

End of February we will have puppies out of King and Kala


For further information please contact:

by phone: +352 621 256586

or mail: ayleen1711@yahoo.de



Puppies after King of the Mountain of the Crazy Town


If everything worked fine, we will have puppies end of August- beginning of September

If you have interessed, please call +352 621256586 or mail me ayleen1711@yahoo.de


There are new photo's in the photo gallery of Quick, X, Kea, Reese and Kala.


We are expecting puppies from our Kea and Quick, middle of October.


Karlsruhe 12.11.16 EX1 Best male        Juge: Lisbeth Mach, CH


Karlsruhe 13.11.16 EX1 BOB                Juge: Peter Machedanz, D


If everything has worked, we will have sheltie puppies end of December 2016 out of Kea and Quick


King is now available for stud, he is a very happy and outgoing dog and his results of MDR1, PRA, CEA, HSF4 are now here, everything is clear. HD and ED we are waiting for the results


Dog Show Saarbrucken Monday 16.05.16

King of the Mountain of the Crazy Town V1 Anwartschaft VDH, CAC-Res

Hyperhounds Canadian Dream V1 Anwartschaft VDH, CAC

Houdini of Desert Meadow SG


Dog Show Saarbrucken Sunday 15.05.16

King of the Mountain of the Crazy Town SG3

Hyperhounds Canadian Dream V4

Houdini of Desert Meadow SG4


Julia Kühne and Joy are qualified to be a part of the German Team for the European Open 2016 in France.

Big congratulations.


Probably we expect puppies out of Kea and X

For more information, please contact me 

621 256586 or ayleen1711@yahoo.de


New puppy pictures


Our puppies are born.

6 male and 2 female (black tri and red tri)

They were born 29.08.15 very early in the morning 

After 4 days the little red tri female died :-( 

We are so sad about that.


Our puppy plans have changed, we will have Aussie puppies in summer if everything goes well. Mother will be Breezy-Thorn Valley Pandora "Blaze" and the father will be Excellent Choice Gold Rush "CJ"

More on the page Puppies


Quick's 2 girls are born. Mother is Faye von der Saarhöhe. 


Quick did it again, end of April we expect beautiful puppies out of "Faye von der Saarhöhe" and "Just in Time of the Crazy Town". 

They will be born in the German kennel "Von der Saarhöhe" for more information please contact

Irene Pieczarek

Tel:+49 6897/1717799


Reese is a puppy out of Spryte and Quick, I will fly to Canada in March and take her back home with me, she should do Agility and perharps be a part of our breeding Crew.


Puppies are born in Hyper Hounds Kennel in Canada, Spryte gave birth to 2 sable female, 2 sable male and 1 tricolor male on the 23th of november 2014


In August we had a meeting for the last aussie litter. :-)


The puppies are born, there are 2 black tri female and 1 black tri male.

Congratulation to Hope and Quick the new parents.

New photo's here


We created a section "Studdogs"


We are expecting puppies out of Quick and Hope for more info please contact winandy.carole@yahoo.de
We are expecting puppies out of Quick and Hope for more info please contact winandy.carole@yahoo.de